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Sunreef 80 Endless Horizon II


As one of our esteemed VIP clients, we are excited to share with you this remarkable off-market listing before sharing it with the general public on June 15th. Endless Horizon II is the second Sunreef 80 sailing catamaran, commissioned by a highly experienced yacht enthusiast who now happens to be building an even bigger, Sunreef 100 Sailing Catamaran.

Buying from a second time owner means

Seasoned Expertise: You can enjoy a host of benefits from the seasoned expertise of the current owner. Having already gone through the process of commissioning and sailing a Sunreef 80, he possesses invaluable knowledge and insights. Their experience ensures that every detail has been meticulously considered and refined, resulting in an exceptional vessel that surpasses the already high standards set by Sunreef Yachts.

Refined Design: The owner’s familiarity with the Sunreef 80’s layout and features allowed them to fine-tune the design to suit their discerning tastes. The interior and exterior spaces have been optimized for both comfort and practicality, ensuring an effortless cruising experience for you and your guests.

Streamlined Construction: Building on the knowledge gained from the first Sunreef 80, the construction process of this vessel has been streamlined. The owner has worked closely with the shipyard to eliminate any potential pitfalls and expedite the building timeline, resulting in a quicker delivery without compromising on quality.

Upgraded Specifications: Drawing from their firsthand experience, the owner has made several carefully selected upgrades to enhance the yacht’s performance, comfort, and technology. Given the exclusive nature of this off-market listing, we encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us should you require any additional information or wish to schedule a private viewing of this extraordinary Sunreef 80.




Sunreef Yachts


Composite or aluminum


23.9 m / 78.3 Ft


11.5 m / 37.8 Ft

Максимальная ширина

8 kts / 14.82 KM/h

Cruising speed

2 x 280 HP John Deere

Главные двигатели

2 x 3000 l (2 x 792.52 US gal)

Вместимость топливных цистерн

1600 l (422.68 US gal)

Резервуар для пресной воды


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